Fishing out of Sitka, Alaska!! RATED #1 IN ALL OF ALASKA!

Anglers can target all 5-five species of Pacific salmon: king, Coho, sockeye,

chum and pink. Fisheries for these species occur primarily in marine waters but

Coho and pink salmon are also targeted to a lesser degree along shoreline areas

and in fresh water. The outer coast, with its islands, reefs, and protected bays,

provides a wide diversity of marine fish species. Popular sport fisheries occur in

marine waters for halibut, lingcod and rockfish, while shellfish such as king and

Dungeness crab, shrimp and variety of clams support smaller fisheries.

King Salmon: inhabiting the outer coast near Sitka, Alaska supports the

LARGEST recreational marine fishery for this “King Salmon” in all Alaska !!

This popular fishery is highlighted during the Sitka Salmon Derby over Memorial

Day weekend and the following weekend. Hatchery contributions account for

nearly half of the harvest, of which Alaska hatcheries contribute about 16%. In

1998, king salmon harvested near Sitka comprised of more then half of all the

kings harvested in Southeast Alaska ‘s marine sport fisheries.

Silver Salmon: Sitka is also home to one of “Alaska ‘s LARGEST” recreational

marine Coho silver salmon fisheries in Alaska !! hatcheries, primarily local

hatcheries on Baranof Island , contribute about 20% of the marine Coho harvest,

while non-Alaska hatchery contributions are few. Recreational harvests of Coho/

silver salmon increased substantially beginning in 1994, and 39,000 Coho were

harvested in 1997. Numerous coastal streams support smaller fresh water sport

fisheries for this species as well.

Halibut lingcod and rock fish: Sitka area  support one of the “STATES LARGEST” recreational ground

fish fisheries. Sitka In 1997, over 23,200 halibut, 7,100 lingcod and 13,800 rockfish caught in SITKA!

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